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Marriage and Money

Do you know guys, that 2-nd reason for divorce after infidelity is money problems. I have recently married and we want to have a good money management.

People advice to have individual accounts (for your needs and wants) and separate one account together as a couple. This is Saving and everything we decide to buy together.

Another option is having only 1 account from where we spend and pay bills, all the expenses come from this one account. This could be your husband’s account or your account. Then the second person’s account money goes to only saving and deposits, investment.

You should dedicate one day every month to do analysis of your expenses, income, worth net, savings etc. This must be done together. The most important is to be honest with each others and learn to discuss money topic with cool head. Please learn to discuss and write pros and cons for big purchases before buying it emotionally.

Let me know how YOU manage your money as a married couple? If it’s better than options I have provided, I will definitely tell my husband 😊

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I am getting married in Medan, Indonesia!

My fiancé Erwin is originally from Medan, Indonesia. We are going to Medan next week, if my visa is approved.

Let me introduce you Medan! A little history, Dutch people were looking for new plantation area in late 19th century and they found Medan. Big tobacco plantation company was created and named it as Deli Company. It changed Medan completely. Medan had a nickname Het Land Dollar, meaning the land of the money. Because tobacco was important good to Western countries.

Medan has rubber, tea, timber, palm oil, and sugar. Now city is known as a trading hub for palm oil export.

Thousands of tourists come to Medan because of Lake Toba and Bukit Lawang. But the most famous attraction here is focused around food. I heard from so many Malaysians that food in Medan is the best! They travel to Medan only for food.

Soto Kesawan is the famous restaurant in the city, a soup which is thickened with coconut milk and has shredded chicken or prawns added to it as well as crunchy bean sprouts and potato cakes.

There are so many other places I have not been in Medan like Rahmat Gallery (it is filled with preserved animals), Garuda Restaurant, The Museum of North Sumatra, Istana Maimun, Tip Top Restaurant and many more.

Find me on YouTube: Manshuk Oryngali.

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My Diet and Guests At Home…

When we were having guests at home, our relatives from the city Nursultan, I allowed myself to eat a bit of bread, biscuits, sweets, and even one glass of wine, black tea.

How does my body react and respond? After I drank a glass of white wine (not consumed any alcohol for the last six months) together with my aunt, mom, and dad, they went outside for fresh air, I stayed at home, was feeling sleepy because it was evening time, decided to watch a little YouTube, I was planning to watch some videos about Healthy Eating, but instead of that I started to watch Dimash songs with karaoke, singing loud, alone at home hahaha
I usually don’t sing, but I think this was the effect of the wine )

How did my body react when I drank black tea? I did not drink for the last 2-3 months, rarely. The only thing was I could not sleep immediately when I laid down at night. It took me 15-30 min. When I did not drink any caffeine, I would sleep for 5 min time. Its truth.

So my conclusion is when guests leave, make one day detox like fasting or 16 hours of no eating and drinking or eating only fruits and vegetables for 1 day. Let your body and mind rest from food consumption.

You can find out more, please check my YouTube channel: Manshuk Oryngali.

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Why do I like to continue to do videos on my YouTube?

I just like it. I like to do videos about different things, my last video on my Russian channel was about my recommendations on how to choose the right sanatorium to rest and get health treatments in Kazakhstan: https://youtu.be/hGYL2dkh7zY

Another reason why is my passion to have in future my channel which popular and well-established, I have a lot of subscribers and I have great content)) I am on my way there! )

This is just a hobby, I do everything with my phone, Canva, and my Life experience, sharing is caring ))

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My YouTube Channel: Manshuk Oryngali

Find me on YouTube! I am continually doing my spontaneous videos without editing, subscribe, comment and like, please. I am going to learn to edit my videos with Canva Pro.

Give me ideas what topics you want me to cover psychology, healthy living tips, self-study.

I have listened my old video about giving paid experience to your parents. It’s nostalgic to watch your videos and old thoughts, it’s like meeting yourself again. Help me to do my YouTube all over again!

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My number in numerology is 8

My number in numerology is 8. It means, in one sentence, I have Magic and Universal Consciousness in me. If I tell in detail, I have intuition, compassion, creative skills, wisdom, independence, adventurer, unusual to look at problems and situations, dreamer, gullible, emotional, indecisive, internal struggle, strong ability to empathize, smart, interesting, and introvert.

I like myself. It’s me 100%. How about you?

Let me share what I really like and enjoy doing (My Soul):

  • To Write (psychology, about myself, blogs) and I used to drawing human head in my childhood (not anymore)
  • Speaker (my YouTube Channel, studying Broadcasting Journalism as my 2nd Degree)
  • I created my Team (my company) online in 2019, and I was doing different social media posts, YouTube videos. But not active right now, thinking how to start again (maybe)
  • Love reading books of Paulo Coelho
  • Love to wear different comfortable clothes and style, fashion, looking attractive (I think this is general for all women)
  • Love to travel (retreats, sport holidays, adventure)
  • Sport (all kind of like taekwondo, aerobics, yoga etc.), Meditation, Dance
  • Psychology (self-study), Esoterics (Reality Transerfing, Master Kit)
  • Natural Food, Oils, Traditional Medicine
  • French Language
  • Giving gifts and making my family and close people happy

If you are like me, please send me comment ) If you read this, how will you describe me in 1 word? )

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For the first time, Canada has been chosen as the number 1 country in the world in terms of financial strength, domestic labor market, economic stability, family-friendly environment, income quality, political stability, security, quality of public education system and quality of public health system.

Consider studying and living in Canada? Contact me to book a free consultation session:
WhatsApp: +77719737451
Email: Manshuk@study2020.ca
Website: http://www.study2020.ca

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My first Bachelor Degree!

This is my first University, I studied Bachelor Degree in Ecology. This is Almaty, Kazakhstan. My home country. I won Government grant to study for free when I was studying Secondary School, participated in scientific study conference in biology among 10th grade pupils. I returned back here after so many years. I have done my studies in 2006. Warm memories. I went up and checked my old faculty.

My most prominent goal has always been to leave Kazakhstan behind, to find a world in which people act consciously, aware that their actions affect others, and choose to delve deeper by asking questions and seeking legitimate answers that may differ from their limited understanding. In the meantime, I aspire to prepare myself by being more thoughtful, informed and, most of all, careful.

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Self-guilt is bad, its the source of pain. You might hold a belief that you should feel guilty and condemn yourself. Not once, but over and over. It’s self-destructive and can sabotage your goals. For many people, self-acceptance remains elusive, because of unhealthy guilt, for decades or a lifetime.

I recommend you to read the article written by Darlene Lancer, 18 tips how to overcome Guilt and forgive yourself. (https://www.whatiscodependency.com/ho-to-overcome-guilt-and-forgive-yourself/)

If you read and read, but did not help. You can’t understand how it works, it did not bring you any good results. I advice you to try our MindNation (send email to hello@themindnation.com) services, book a psychologist consultation with us. It’s online and booking takes 5 min. only.

Another alternative, it’s my personal approach and my choice, I am using it every day, Master Kit technique (https://super-ego.info/corp/?lang=en). If you decide to sign up, please let me know. I will help you to understand how it works and how to register with the website.

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What is the difference between psychologists and wellness coaches?

during the 12.5 km hike at Bukit Kiara, Malaysia

If you are experiencing these symptoms, you should see a psychologist:

  • You want to heal from past hurts or trauma
  • You need support navigating emotions
  • Relationship issues
  • You struggle with interpersonal relationships
  • Mental health symptoms : depression, anxiety, disordered eating, stress (you can’t control) etc.

When to see a wellness coach?

  • You want to get “unstuck” and set goals you will actually achieve
  • You want to accelerate to the next step in your career
  • You feel like your life is on autopilot, and want to challenge yourself or break out of your comfort zone
  • You want to stop unhelpful habits and replace them with healthy alternatives
  • You know that your inner critic keeps you from living your best life and you want to learn how to quiet that voice
  • You desire a life with purpose and meaning but do not know where to start.

Information from MindNation. You can find us on Facebook.